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Cyrus Nusum

Board Secretary

Cyrus Nusum originally from PA relocated to Baltimore with her family at the age of 7. She attended Morgan State University and majored in Business Administration as well as Southern New Hampshire University for Marketing and Media Management.

Originally from Pennsylvania and moved to Baltimore when at seven years old when her mother remarried. Mrs. Joyce, her mother was beyond a community activist quickly introducing her sister's and her to helping and serving other’s. She started my career in 1989 working for Maryland General Hospital in community outreach providing free phlebotomy screenings to community residents. While in this roll she was introduced to community health fairs which put her on the forefront of creating, designing, and executing large scale events. Spinning forward to today, after being the host and creator of hundreds of events, she knows helping people bring their event ideas to fruition is her passion.

During the COVID19 pandemic, she started a new company, TiPi Tent Soirees after a family member in Bermuda was hosting glamping events on the beach. In the mist of the pandemic her late best friend sent a picture of a glamping event and at that point, she knew it was destiny! She is an visual artist and creating events is just another way for her to express her creativity. She is also the founder of Virtual Marketing Consultant. She has the eye for not only creating events, but she can also provide many levels of development, from marketing materials to full website and media development as well. Cyrus has stated that right now, "She is beyond in a happy place in my life".


Started in 2009 Virtual Marketing Consultant provides marketing, branding, web development, and a host of other related services for small businesses.  She credits much of her success to her sister Michelle Nusum-Smith for being her number one cheerleader, mentor, and advocate for becoming the business owner she is today. She also credits her best friend and business partner, Monica Boddie, CEO and Founder of Transformation Health OMHC and Transformation Nation, Inc. For not only seeing her vision but also supporting her every step of the way. Monica is not only a partner, but she is also one of her number one clients. She has supported every venture she has started.

Cyrus is credited for being the creator of “The corner campaign” while being the lead Community Engagement Specialist with the Managed Care Organization, Diamond Plan of Coventry Health Care. Ms. Nusum led a citywide resource event of over 100 collaborative community partners that met residents on city blocks to give free resources, screenings, and information. Cyrus has over 25 years of expertise in community development for outreach and has established strong partnerships with over 500 community agencies. As the CEO of Virtual Marketing Consultant, CEO of Tipi Soiree, a glamping/camping company, and the Operations Director of Transformation Health OMHC, she truly has her plate full and is still able to enjoy time with her family and friends.

Currently, Cyrus is credited as the curator, developer, and designer of the brand new, The Healing Suites Trauma Informed Youth Program of Transformation Nation, Inc. With Monica Boddie's vision, Cyrus was able to create a sixteen-suite full functioning trauma responsive facility where children affected by trauma can find healing, refuge, and support. In her next chapter in life, who knows where she may end up, “Skating Anyone!”



Cyrus Nusum
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