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Our community outreach involves partnering with community agencies to gain the needed supports for our participants.



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Mental Health Counseling


Trauma can occur to children either individually, in a group, as a community, or in mass. Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), often referred to as early childhood can last into adulthood. Trauma-informed mental health allows trauma survivors to address symptoms of mental health and process the trauma. We provide referrals to licensed social workers, psychiatrists, nurses, and mental health counselors who are offer trauma and evidenced-supported therapy.

Group discussions cover a variety of topics to include managing effects of trauma, coping, anxiety, and support. T-Nation has an Art Therapist and also partners with other agencies to provide additional programming such as mediation, aerobics, and more. All discussion groups are led by a licensed therapist.


Children/youth who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning their sexual orientation and/or gender identity (LGBTQ) face unique experiences and challenges. Some youth bullied experience violence and rejection which has profound consequences. T-Nation creates trauma-informed environments that consider the unique trauma-related needs of LGBTQ youth.

Trauma Advocacy

Trauma-informed advocacy stresses the importance of providing regular staff training on trauma and its impact; (b) reducing practices that may trigger or retraumatize; (c) creating physical and emotional safety in relationships and in the environment; (d) considering trauma in all assessment protocols and behavior or treatment plans; and (e) ensuring youth voice, choice, and empowerment. Guarino, Soares, Konnath, Clervil, & Bassuk, 2009; Hopper, Bassuk, & Olivet, 2010; SAMHSA, 2014a; Guarino, 2014).

Finally, a trauma-informed approach considers the secondary impact that working with trauma survivors has on educators and service providers and includes practices to create a culture that supports resilience and care.

Safety Planning

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services

Crisis Intervention

Trauma-Informed safety planning, assist in keeping individuals safe as possible from triggers or situations that will push reenactment of trauma.

Youth ages 6 -17 who meet the requirements and live in the State Of Maryland can be referred for additional supports to a variety of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs.

Crisis hotline numbers and referrals are given. Additionally, T-Nation interventions are focused on minimizing the stress of the event while providing emotional support to improve coping strategies.

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