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Transformation Nation (T-Nation) is a Nonprofit organization- 501 © (3) founded to provide direct assistance to children ages 0 to 17 affected by trauma.  The goal of the nonprofit is to provide various resources and linkages needed to restore and improve the lives of those children and their families. 

Potentially traumatic events of children include:

  • Psychological, physical, or sexual abuse

  • Community or school violence

  • Witnessing or experiencing domestic violence

  • National disasters or terrorism

  • Commercial sexual exploitation

  • Sudden or violent loss of a loved one

  • Refugee or war experiences

  • Military family-related stressors (e.g., deployment, parental loss, or injury)

  • Physical or sexual assault

  • Neglect

  • Serious accidents or life-threatening illness

According to SAMSHA, the impact of child traumatic stress can last well beyond childhood. In fact, research has shown that childhood trauma survivors may experience: ¬ Learning problems, including lower grades and more suspensions and expulsions ¬ Increased use of health and mental health services ¬ Increased involvement with the child welfare and juvenile justice systems ¬ Long-term health problems (e.g., diabetes and heart disease) TRAUMA is a risk factor for nearly all behavioral health and substance use disorder.

Facts: 26% of children in the United States will witness or experience a traumatic event before they turn 4,(National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention) More than 60% of youth age 17 and younger have been exposed to crime, violence, and abuse either directly or indirectly(Bell, C.C &Jenkins E.J. (1993).




Monica Boddie, LCSW-C is a licensed mental health therapist and a graduate of both University of  Maryland and Morgan State University and a military veteran. She decided 10 years ago, after working more than 10 years in the government and private sector as a  licensed social worker, to create Transformation Health- Outpatient Mental Health Clinic, which is a community based mental health agency. Ms. Boddie prides herself on being creative and a trailblazer when responding to the needs of the community. She has organized what she feels is a dynamic team of professionals who can accomplish anything. Subsequently, Ms. Boddie has partnered with a mantra of community organizations all in an effort to remove barriers in underserved communities. She is the recipient of community awards for her advocacy, has been featured on news outlets for her innovative approach to mental health, and is the author of a children’s book that promotes healing to children affected by trauma.



Cyrus Nusum originally from Lancaster, PA relocated to Baltimore City in 1980 where she began her journey growing to love services in the City of Baltimore. Attending Morgan State University and working in finance Ms. Nusum soon found that her purpose and love for others were not in banking but in Community Outreach. Working at Maryland General Hospital as a Community Outreach Specialist is where she entered into the community world and found her purpose. For over 15 plus years Ms. Nusum has been providing creative community events and developing partnerships with over 500 community agencies.  She is best known for spearheading the Baltimore Corner Campaign, Teen Glam Edujam, The Itsy Bitsy Community Baby Shower, and the BMore Health Expo with Fox 45. 6 yrs ago developed  Virtual Marketing Business Consultant.  Today Virtual Marketing Business Consulting has supported and created long-lasting partnerships.

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