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Transformation Nation, Inc. (T-Nation) is a 501 © (3) nonprofit organization founded in 2019. Our mission is to be a resource in connecting direct assistance to children and youth affected by trauma and provide support needed to restore and improve their lives. 


Our goal is to serve one million children nationwide who have been affected by trauma by connecting them to a variety of resources needed to promote stabilization as they begin the process of healing.


The need to create this nonprofit was first identified by its founder, Monica Boddie, MSW-LCSW-C, •CCTP, CGP in 2019. Also the founder of Transformation Health, LLC ,  a premier Outpatient Mental Health Clinic, that has been celebrated and recognized for its excellence in community services, advocacy, and client outcomes it was time to create a safe space for children affected by trauma.  Ms. Boddie reports wanting to do even more for youth serviced at the clinic and in the community, after having experienced a traumatic event.  She states, “I knew more was needed. I kept thinking, what about the additional need for clothes, food, and other items the family may need? Items and other supports that can be given and achieved through a nonprofit.” 

Transformation Nation, Inc., is beyond ecstatic to create solutions and be the change agents needed to champion our children, during their most vulnerable time.

Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs, are Potentially Traumatic Events That Occur in Childhood (0-17 years).



60% of children and youth report being exposed to crime, violence and abuse either directly or indirectly.

30% of children and youth report witnessing a stabbing, and 26% witnessed a shooting in an inner-city community.

50% of youth report having been assaulted at least once.



Children with 1 or 2 ACEs are 4x’s more likely to develop STDs.

Children with 4 or more ACEs are 15 x’s more likely to attempt suicide.

And 1,350% more likely to face opiate abuse.


Children with 5 or more ACEs are 76 % more likely to have delays in their language, emotional or brain development.

Children with 6 or more ACEs are 50% more likely to have a shortened lifespan by 20 years.

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