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THE THERAPEUTIC DANCE HALL - "#Danceyourstressaway”

Have you ever been to a mental health agency where you can DANCE?

At Transformation Health, well, anything is POSSIBLE!

The “Therapeutic Dance Hall” was created by our CEO, Ms. Monica Boddie, due to seeing a need to end                                                                              

the stigma associated with seeking therapy for mental health. Ms. Boddie realized that people were 

more comfortable admitting to having stress rather than feelings of depression, more specifically in 

communities of color. Therefore, she created a way to merge scientific data regarding dancing and its release

of “feel good” endorphins to improve mental wellness while normalizing the need for services.

Ms. Monica asks ”Have you ever put on your favorite song and somehow your mood changes?”

This is our trailblazing way to introduce therapy through the “backdoor” by inviting people to come and "Dance Their Stress Away". Thereby coming into the “front door” of services.


Since then, the ‘Therapeutic Dance Hall” has been featured in segments in local news, been visited by agencies in other states and have hosted multiple local agencies who service clients and who give challenges to other organizations to meet in “the dance hall” in an effort to  #EndTheStigma.   

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