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Cyrus Nusum


I am originally from Pennsylvania and moved to Baltimore when I was seven years old. My mother, who was beyond a community activist quickly introduced my sister's and I to helping and serving other’s. I started my career back in 1989 working for Maryland General Hospital in community outreach providing free phlebotomy screenings to community residents. While in this roll I was introduced to community health fairs which put me on the forefront of creating, designing, and executing huge events. Spin forward to today, after being the host and creator of hundreds of events, I know helping people bring their event ideas to fruition is my passion.

I started TiPi Tent Soirees after a family member in Bermuda was hosting glamping events and during the mist of the pandemic another friend shot me a picture of a glamping picture. At that point, I knew this was what I wanted to do! I am an artist and creating events is just another way for me to express my creativity. Now, the model of “at home” event hosting for many people is ideal in a world were social distancing and reuniting with family makes TiPi Tent Soirees beyond a gold mind. As the founder of Virtual Marketing Consulting, I have the eye for not only creating the event, but I can also provide many levels of developing material, for the new TiPi Tent Soirees. I am beyond in a happy place in my life.


Please tell us more about your business or organization. What should we know? What do you do, what do you specialize in / what are you known for? What sets you apart from others? What are you most proud brand wise? What do you want our readers to know about your brand, offerings, services, etc.?

I am known for being the owner and principal consultant of Virtual Marketing Consultant (VMC) and TiPi Tent Soirees. VMC was created in 2009 creating marketing, branding, web development, and a host of other marketing and outreach planning. TiPi Tent Soirees, LLC is an Adult Only Glamping rental company. We provide personal events for Women and Men on location at home or other venues of their choice.


What sets me apart from others is my work ethic. From sunup to sundown if there is a job or task no matter how large or small, it will be completed with perfection. I am committed to building my best friend's mental health agency, Transformation Health since its inception in 2009, all while building my own businesses. Not only her business but my sister Michelle Nusum-Smith’s business, The Word Woman, LLC.


I am most proud of being able to brand TiPi Tent Soirees in a way where color is not an option. The diversity of clientele has been remarkable. I have clients who are flying in from San Francisco to host a Soiree just because it crosses all lines of celebrations.


I want people to know about our amazing packages with something for everyone! We have annual celebrations to date night to Havana nights for men. We have specialty adult beverages, catering, and balloon garnishments to suit anyone! If you don’t want a package, you can customize your package to your color or style of your choice. For any reader, we have a special of 20% OFF any package choice!


Who else deserves credit – have you had mentors, supporters, cheerleaders, advocates, clients or teammates that have played a big role in your success or the success of the business? If so – who are they and what role did they plan / how did they help.


I can not go without giving my sister Michelle Nusum-Smith just about all the praise for being my number one cheerleader, mentor, and advocate for becoming the business owner I am today. My best friend and business partner, Monica Boddie, LCSW-C for not only seeing my vision but also supporting me every step of the way. Monica not only being a partner but also being one of my number one client. She has supported me in every venture and has financially invested in many ways. My financial mentor and advisor Felicia Jackson-Smith also has played a major role in my career. Felicia has truly been instrumental in guiding me throughout my career.





Cyrus Nusum
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